A Day in the Life of the Dojo Master 11/5

A post about non-sports on a sports blog is not a common occurrence on my site. Actually, it has never happened, unless you consider fantasy basketball team names a non-sports topic.  However, today was so interesting that I just wanted to write about it.

In school, we are always learning about innovation and thinking outside the box. Obviously, it can be very repetitive to listen to this every day. Everyone wants to think of something new, make it big, and get paid a shit ton of money. I don’t need to be told that everyday, but we have to. And surprisingly, it makes you look for more opportunities to be creative.

A couple of classmates of mine got an email to go to a innovative dance class for engineering and science majors. I wasn’t on the email list. It’s for one of two reasons. One, Dr. C just assumed Heather would bring me as her +1 if we decided to go (if this was the case, he was right). Two, he doesn’t like me, and I wasn’t deemed worthy enough for the class. Either way, I made it to this dance class.

The ideas were pretty interesting. When we are born, we can make 3,000 general movements. By the end of pre-K, we can only make 300 of them and only 30 after high school. This is mostly a product of our sedentary lifestyle, but dancing is supposed to help us get active, move in different directions, and relieve stress.

The activities we did were even better. We started in a large circle and began throwing/kicking/rolling imaginary objects to each other with sound effects to go along with it. It started with someone making a object and passing it, then the next person caught the object, changed it and passed it along. Remember, there were sound effects to go with these things. It was hard at first, but once I got a hold of it, it was relaxing and fun. We were literally acting like 5 year olds playing pretend.

Then we partnered up and tried to alleviate the stress that our school work, life, etc. have been giving us. The first person, explorer, would think of a problem and turn it into an object. The next person, facilitator,  received the object changed it and passed it back. We did this in partners for two minutes. It got pretty crazy. I got bowled over by a bowling ball and broke my legs. It was a lot of fun but also an awesome way to turn a problem into something small and fun.

The next time we partnered up, I partnered with Heather. In this task, we spoke about everything that was bothering us or frustrating us. The explorer would start talking and just making normal hand gestures. The facilitator’s job was to change the hand movements so that the explorer had to focus on the hand movements and think about their problems in a different way. I realize in words it might not sound like this changed your views about your problems, but it really did. Heather made me do a really fast movement when I was complaining about something she knew really frustrated me and got me riled up, but she suddenly slowed it down in the middle of my rant. I stopped speaking. I couldn’t talk about anything. It relaxed me a lot more than I thought it would, and the activities showed me that body and mind really are connected.

Finally, we regrouped and did the first activity in half the size circle we did the first time. It was a lot better the second time because everyone was relaxed and used to the activities. It was awesome to hear the sounds and see the objects people created it. It was a lot of fun. As stupid as it might sound, it was an awesome experience and I am glad I went. The two odd things I learn are that being a bowling pin is fun and that I wish I had a personal bouncey ball that I could bounce around on.

After going through this innovative dance class, I watched this week’s HIMYM and went off to be a part of a focus group of an innovative product. Google and Apple, in my opinion, lead the world in innovative ideas for the technological world. I am sure many of you have seen one of these videos.

I was lucky enough to test them out today. They were really interesting. It was really comfortable to wear, but I knew that I was wearing some type of glasses. Some of the things that the glass allows you to do are really cool. It could give you directions, take videos, and take photos. It was also easy to search through Google. However, the web browser was hard to control once you got to certain websites. It also wasn’t very good at voice recognition. It consistently confused Bucknell with a certain word that shouldn’t be written in this post. And it would be impossible to pay attention to the real world and the Google Glass. It just needs your full attention to make it work. The other cool thing that I found out they were doing for the Google Glass is apps. The version of Google Glass I used was like using the first iPhone without any apps. It only had a few functions. While they were cool, there are a lot of apps that would help make these more useful in everyday life. Here was my favorite app that they showed me.

For a personal letter:

Dear Google,

I know you read my blog. You have crawlers on it everyday because I use Google AdSense and Analytics. I would like you to know that I was impressed by the Google Glass as I did not have high expectations. I thought that the first couple videos were too out of the box to have it actually happen. You have proven me wrong. I hope that you see these suggestions. I would also like to let you know that I would be very interested in becoming a Google Explorer and trying out the next version/prototype of the Google Glass, the version that allows me to download that baseball app. I would also like you to know that I love you for all you have brought to me in this world including, but not limited to, allowing me to search directly from the URL bar, sync my bookmarks across all of my devices, and writing school documents with multiple people on one document. I hope that you can bring me one more thing, and I can have the opportunity to be an Explorer. I have already submitted my name in the hopes of becoming one.


Greg Danchik

That was my day that kind of embodied innovation and everything that I am told to do at school and am told to design. It was an awesome day and got my real relaxed and wanting to innovate something to help the world.

Greg Danchik


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