Peyton Returns to Indianapolis

A quick review: Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up. STEVAN RIDLEY, one of my favorite New England Patriots to criticize, finally had a huge day. I’m still going to complain about him because 1) I sat him in my fantasy league, causing me to lose for the first time this year and 2) Greg and I played a weekly fantasy league at and Greg used him against me…oh the joys of fantasy sports. (For those interested in stats – Ridley’s line: 20 car, 96 rush yards, 2 TDs, 1 rec, 14 rec yards…good for 23 points in ESPN PPR leagues). Now the game itself was entertaining, which concluded with a 17-yard TD pass from Tom Brady to Kenbrell Thompkins with :05 seconds left. The Saints looked poised to win the game, but Tom Brady got the ball back down 1 with 3:29 left. He failed to drive down the field, and the Saints quickly countered and kicked a field goal to stretch the lead to 4 points with 2:24 left. The Patriots’ O was obligated to go for it on fourth down the next drive, but failed to convert. Drew Brees and company couldn’t pick up the first down on the following drive, and their failed attempt led to Brady getting the ball back for a third time in under 3 minutes. This time, the result was different and ended in the Pats favor. Enjoy watching Brady and Brees while they’re still playing, regardless of what team you root for. Above all else I hope you enjoyed watching a Brees-Brady game, they don’t come around often. Without further ado, the game of the week for Week 7.
Peyton Manning chucking the football all over the field Sunday Night in 2012 (Photo Cred: David Zalubowski/AP)

Peyton Manning chucking the football all over the field Sunday Night in 2012 (Photo Cred: David Zalubowski/AP)

Denver Broncos vs. Indianapolis Colts

Case for the Broncos: As discussed in this week’s Spar, I’m looking forward to the Broncos offense facing a formidable defense. The Colts D looked suspect at times in their 19-9 loss to San Diego Monday night, there will be a lot of work to do on a short week for Andrew Luck and company. Back to Denver, Peyton Manning, through 6 games, has 22 TDs, 2 INTs, 74.2 completion percentage, and 2,179 passing yards. He’s playing unbelievably, and there isn’t any sign of slowing down. They’re averaging 44.2 points per game and the next closest offense is Dallas, averaging 30.2 The case for the Broncos almost seems self-explanatory, they lead the league in what matters most. Wins. (Note from the Editor about the Bronco’s Defense – Von Miller is going to be playing his first game of the year Sunday night.)
Case for the Colts: Andrew Luck came off one of his worst performances of the year in his Monday Night debut against the San Diego Chargers. Going 18 for 30 with 202 yards and 1 INT. If Luck and company have any expectation of competing with Manning, they’ll need to do a better job running the ball. Trent Richardson will need to step up after turning in just 40 yards. The problem is that the Broncos run defense is #1 in the NFL allowing just 69.8 yards per game. The biggest question for the Colts is how they plan to put up points if they go down early. While the Broncos defense deserves a ton of credit, a reason that they have the #1 run defense is because their offense scores points and take the lead, forcing other teams to abandon the run and pass to catch up with the high powered Denver offense.
No fantasy studs or duds this week but some players with rising stock…
Keenan Allen – San Diego Chargers WR (over 20 ESPN PPR points in past two games)
Joseph Randle – Dallas Cowboys RB (DeMarco Murray injury)
Nick Foles – Philadelphia Eagles QB (Michael Vick injury)
Pick: Denver Broncos 37 — Indianapolis Colts 24
Record since Week 3: 4 – 0 (home team in CAPS)
3 – MIAMI over Atlanta (W)
4 – NEW ORLEANS over Miami (W)
5 – Denver over DALLAS (W)
6 – NEW ENGLAND over New Orleans (W)
7 – Denver over INDIANAPOLIS…

Dojo Sparring – Week 6

Joe to Greg

Another week’s worth of games means another week’s worth of discussion. You and I both predicted that Adrian Peterson would come out on fire after the tragic events of his son but that never came to fruition. Denver actually got a little competition from Jacksonville and another undefeated team went down. Don’t forget that the NLCS and ALCS are going on as well. I’ll be honest, following the Patriots last-second touchdown over the Saints, I couldn’t go through another emotional roller coaster with the Red Sox in Game 2, Sunday Night. They went down 5-1 and after Max Scherzer recorded his 13th strikeout, I figured it was over. But then Scherzer didn’t come to the mound for the 8th inning and the rest is history.

Any big thoughts from the weekend’s games? And also any thoughts on the MLB Postseason thus far.

Greg to Joe

The baseball postseason has been something else. It seems like it is a normal for at least one starter per night to take a no-hitter into the 6th. It has been crazy. The Red Sox game was unreal. I was with Heather at home and we heard David Ortiz crush that ball. We looked up and saw Torii Hunter BARELY missed that ball. Had Torii caught that? The Red Sox might have been looking at a 3-0 deficit assuming Verlander pitches as well as he did in Game 5 of the ALDS. Then again, the Red Sox have been down 3-0 before and won a series so who knows. That will be a great series.

In the NLCS, the key is Hanley Ramirez. He is an absolute stud. He has finally returned to the hitter that made him the runner-up for MVP in 2009. He is a member of the 30-30 club, and he, not Yasiel Puig, was the key to the Dodgers turnaround. The Dodgers are 41-45, including postseason, when Hanley doesn’t start. If he is able to withstand the pain from a fractured rib and start the rest of the series, this series is going to 7 games.

In football, I didn’t watch a lot of the games because I was traveling a lot on Sunday. I know that the Ravens lost a very close game. The Patriots game stunned me. I saw the Saints take a 4 point lead and then we shut off the TV for dinner. I went on my phone to see the same score go final, but it hadn’t. I couldn’t believe it. Also, fantasy football is a crazy game. Random studs and duds each week, but we both got the call right about Terrance Williams. Played well with his touchdown grab.

Baseball thoughts or any interesting happenings in the NFL this week?

Joe to Greg



I didn’t even mention how close Hunter was to that ball. BARELY is an understatement. If the Sox had lost that game I would’ve called off any hope for a World Series this year. You aren’t winning 4 out of 5 games against the Tiger’s pitching staff when you’re in an 0-2 hole.

Between the two series; ALCS and NLCS, I think that the NLCS has a higher chance of going seven games. I agree that Hanley is the key and I’m expecting Kershaw to come back with a vengeance and earn a W with his expected slated start in Game 6 in St. Louis.

We both got some nice production out of Terrance Williams and I’m looking for that to continue as the Cowboys travel to Philadelphia this week for a divisional game. Some things to keep in mind for the Williams’ doubters: Miles Austin continues to drown himself in leg injuries which is evidence by his 0 receptions for 0 yards last week. Combine his ineffectiveness with the annual DeMarco Murray injury, there is a chance that Williams will see an increase in production. Murray injured his knee in Sunday nights game against the Redskins and is considered questionable for Philly as of 10/15. My baseball thoughts are more of a wait-and-see approach. As big of a supporter as I am for Boston, I enjoy watching great games more than anything and both series have had their fair share of excitement. I’m just looking for memorable moments so thank you, David Ortiz and thank you, Max Scherzer for your performances.

A quick note also, we are matched up against each other this week in ESPN. I’m already predicting a loss for myself because Drew Brees is on his bye but you never know till it’s over. I think our matchup could be a potential playoff matchup when that time comes around. I like both of our teams in this league, I feel I’m lacking a solid RB group though. My most consistent RB has been Danny Woodhead and I’ve only have him for three weeks.

I have a couple of things to bring up for the new week. One being the return of Peyton Manning to Indianapolis. There are multiple reasons I’m interested in this game. 1) I’m looking forward to just the general reception of Manning coming back to Lucas Oil Stadium. 2) How Andrew Luck will fair coming off a below-average performance Monday night against the San Diego Chargers. 3) The first REAL test for the Broncos Offense (Baltimore: 17th*, New York: 24th, Oakland: 13th, Philadelphia: 32nd, Dallas: 30th, and Jacksonville: 22nd). That is the rankings of yards allowed per game for each respective team’s defense. Clearly the Broncos haven’t met much resistance. I marked Baltimore with * because it was the first game of the season. It would be a much different game if the two teams were to play again now; although I believe the Broncos would still prevail. I also like the Pittsburgh-Baltimore rivalry game this week. I always love watching arguably one of the best rivalries in football in action.

Any thoughts on the NFL for Week 7?

Greg to Joe

The Red Sox have been horrendous. Lets be honest. And they STILL are up 2-1. I can’t explain that. The truly only explanation is that’s how baseball is.

The Cardinals are a win away from being in the World Series and rightfully so. They are the best run organization in baseball. Period. They have so much talent at the major league level and they have the farm system to keep up the level of Major League level excellence. I just can’t wait to watch the Cardinals dominate baseball for the years to come.

I don’t think that Terrance Williams is going to be the biggest beneficiary from the DeMarco Murray injury. That has to be Joseph Randle. The Cowboys face defenses that are sub-par against the run and could easily dominate those teams on the ground. Brian Waters has made all the difference for the offensive line. Randle with benefit, assuming Murray is even out.

I can’t make a good lineup in the ESPN league so don’t even worry about it.

This upcoming week is Steelers’ week. That is honestly the only thing I care about. I only want to Ravens to go into Pittsburgh and dominate the Steelers. I doubt this happens, but it is honestly the only game I care about. The Luck-Manning game should be fun to watch. I think that we will get another one next year because the Colts and Broncos  will win their divisions easily. I think Peyton gets the better of Luck this time around. If Luck can find a way to lead the Colts to victory with a monster game, his shot at winning MVP just went up. Manning can start off as hot as he wants; if he can’t finish, he won’t win MVP.

My bold prediction for this week has to be New England loses this weekend unless Gronk finally comes back. And even then, I still think the Jets handle the Patriots at home.

Bold predictions for this week, and you still have a Sox World Series title even though they can’t hit in this ALCS? I still feel good about the Cards even after the loss today.

Joe to Greg

I wouldn’t go as far as to say they have been horrendous. They rightfully lost Game 1 and stole Game 2 with the help of Scherzer being pulled an inning too soon and Big Papi’s heroics. They edged out a 1-0 win in Game 3, and straight up lost in Game 4 last night because Jake Peavy just didn’t have his stuff. The first three games were all decided by one run each so sure their bats are cold, but they still managed 12 hits last night to. Just a side note on last nights game…Dustin Pedroia talked after the game about a botched grounder he could’ve turned into a double play but ended up becoming a fielder’s choice. At the time the Tigers had just scored one run, if Pedroia turns two on that play, there was already an out in the inning and they get out relatively unscathed. Instead of one run, it turned into five…I’d say that makes a big difference in the game. Detroit has dominated the pitching as expected and Boston’s lineup can’t produce runs other than Big Papi. No need to be concerned on my end, it’s a best of three now.

I don’t have many bold predictions for the week, I think now I’m expecting both the ALCS and the NLCS to go to seven games. I really hope the Ravens can win but I feel like regardless of their records, each year the Ravens and Steelers play two tough hard-nosed games. Best of luck.

Greg to Joe

Joe… I understand you a Red Sox fan, but when I made my claim, they were up 2 games to 1 and have been the worse team over the course of the series. Game 4 was decided by that Pedroia error, but the Tigers added more runs later so I still they they would have won. However, there should have been no outs on that fielder’s choice anyway because Stephen Drew was not even in the same area code as 2nd base when he got the out there.

Now onto their batting and how the Tigers have dominated them, but the Red Sox have not done so to Detroit, but the Sox have still managed to keep this series tied. Lets look at some season averages. The Red Sox had a .44 BB/K, 20.5% K%, and .271 batting average (2nd in the MLB). The Tigers had a .49 BB/K, 16.4% K%, and .283 batting average (highest in the MLB). That batting average for Detroit is much high than what I would expect from them now because Miguel Cabrera is hurt and that batting average has about 130 games from Johnny Peralta at SS and 50 from Jose Iglesias. With Iglesias in the lineup, that batting average drops. I would expect them to have a lower batting average than they did in the regular season, but the Red Sox should be similar if they weren’t being dominated. Detroit, this series, has a .41 BB/K, 20.1 K%, and a .242 batting average. I would say that the Red Sox pitchers have done well, but I think a small dip in the numbers is expected because of the colder weather, and the reasons I stated above. Now the Red Sox… they have no excuse except they have been dominated. When I made my “The Red Sox have been horrendous this series” claim, they had a stellar batting average of… .133! That’s super duper if you’re a pitcher! Except, the Red Sox are all top notch hitters, not a lineup of pitchers. Now with Game 4, they were able to raise that to .186. Still below the Mendoza line (.200, for those who did not know). Now get this, the Red Sox have a BB/K of .21 this postseason. In other words, they have 53 strikeouts to 11 walks. That’s not good. They can’t get on base or put the ball in play to even get sacrifices. Those 53 strikeouts in 140 plate appearances give them a K% of 38%! That means about 3.42 batters strike out every time the Tigers pitchers go through the lineup! If you say those stats aren’t horrendous, that’s a your judgement call, but to me, they are. In Game 2, they got lucky to have all their offensive production come at the same time so Ortiz was up with 3 men on base instead of 1 or 2. Scherzer was laboring, he needed to be taken out, but I think Leyland mismanaged the relievers. That’s how they got their lucky Game 2 victory. Game 3 was just 1 of their 4 hits went out of the park and the Tigers 6 hits were just too scattered to put together a run.

I will give the Red Sox this… Their relievers, led by former Oriole great Koji Uehara, have been great (13.1 IP, 10 K, 9 H, 8 BB, and 0 ER) and pitchers good enough, but their offense has 110% been horrendous, in my opinion.

Greg Danchik and Joe Meola

Game of the Week- Week 6

My apologies for my brief absence away from the “Game of the Week” column. The column started in Week 3, which saw a game between the Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons. Without recapping the game, the teams are heading in opposite directions. The Dolphins are 3-2 and tied for second place in the AFC East. While the Falcons have had a rough start, going 1-4 and taking on more injuries every week. Now why are we talking about Week 3? Well with Week 6 on the horizon, the big game of the week is….

Jacksonville Jaguars at Denver Broncos… Ok. Ok. I’m joking.

New Orleans Saints at New England Patriots

Case for the Saints: The Saints sit alone atop the NFC South and when I say “alone”, I mean ALONE:

Saints 5-0 (@ NE)

Panthers 1-3 (@ MIN)

Falcons 1-4 (much needed Bye)

Buccaneers 0-4 (vs. PHI)

(Photo Cred: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo Cred: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Now that doesn’t mean that the Saints can ease up on the gas pedal now. They get a bye in Week 7 so coming in with momentum, and an unblemished record, means a lot. Following the Seattle loss to Indy this past weekend, the Saints are now in sole possession of the number one seed in the NFC. But before we get ahead of ourselves, how did they get there? Well it starts with the defense…through five games, they have forced 11 turnovers. Having a positive turnover margin means your creating more opportunities for your team rather than the other. Also, they have this player named Drew Brees, who would be competing with Peyton Manning for MVP so far if there was a competition. The Saints have also found their biggest threat in Jimmy Graham, the match-up nightmare tight end. Graham is in the ranked in the top 3 for receptions, touchdowns, and yards. He’s a tight end that is leading the league in receiving yards and he’s always a threat against whatever defense he plays.

Case for the Patriots: I made a contract with myself that prohibited me from talking about the Patriots’ season until they were healthy/improved. While they are in no way there yet, I must discuss some small matters in light of their upcoming game. Without criticizing too much, their offense needs to improve. Yes, I know Gronk is out/coming back soon, but there is enough talent there to make some noise. I think this game means more to the Patriots because all of a sudden, they have two teams right behind them in the division. Both the Jets and Dolphins are 3-2, while the Pats are 4-1. All three teams are in action this week, so the division lead is on the line. Tom Brady‘s 52 game streak with a touchdown pass was snapped last week so look for Brady to come out throwing after tough weather conditions last week. This game is more important for division implications and because of that, I think the Patriots will have enough to win. Remember, the Patriots defense is notorious for giving up yards, not points. They’re ranked second in the NFL, giving up 14 points per game


Fantasy Notes

One Dud: In my first and only “Game of the Week” Column, I predicted that Stevan Ridley would continue to upset owners. While he’s hurt right now, don’t expect a big day from Julian Edelman. For those lucky enough to ride his production so far, Amendola has returned, Gronk is returning (EDIT: Doubtful for Sunday), and Kenbrell Thompkins gets more redzone and deep ball targets. Edelman was nice while he was getting targets, but its time to move on.

One Stud

Terrance Williams, WR Dallas Cowboys

Miles Austin is hurt and all of a sudden Williams is the #2 wide receiver for Tony Romo. Coming off a game against the Denver Broncos in which he tallied 4 receptions for 151 yards, and 1 score, he now faces the Washington Redskins. If you didn’t know already, Washington has given up 9 touchdowns through the air, good for tenth most in the NFL. Plus, Romo is coming off arguably one of the best games of his career, and he’s going to be looking to throw the ball.

Pick: New Orleans Saints 24 – New England Patriots 31


Record since Week 3: 3 – 0 (home team in CAPS)

3 – MIAMI over Atlanta (W)

4 – NEW ORLEANS over Miami (W)

5 – Denver over DALLAS (W)

6 – NEW ENGLAND over New Orleans


***Contact me if you have anything sports related or interesting you want to talk about. Maybe I’ll mention you in the Week 6 Spar***


Dojo Sparring – Week 5

Greg to Joe

The Broncos and Cowboys play a historic game, Tom Brady‘s passing touchdown streak comes to a halt in the pouring rain, and we have baseball games every day. It was a pretty awesome weekend in my opinion. I also want to point out that the Braves were ousted in the 1st round of the playoffs, just saying that I predicted it would be worse, but there would be no way they got past the Dodgers or whoever they faced in the NLDS.

Anyway, I hope your fantasy teams ended up doing well last week. I went undefeated on the week even though Grant had Tony Romo in the Yahoo league. The funny thing is, he would have won this week had he not backed out of our trade. Unfortunate for him.
So I’ve got a couple questions… Are the Dolphins AND Jets serious contenders for the AFC East crown against the Patriots? Are you afraid of Yankee-esque collapse from the Red Sox after the Jose Lobaton walk-off? Should the Tigers find a way to make Miguel Cabrera the DH, resign Johnny Peralta and make him the 3rd basemen and trade Victor Martinez for a reliever? I only have this question after he had an error in Game 3 yesterday.

Joe to Greg

I’ve had a brief hiatus from writing my “Game of the Week” Column. So as a note to myself and others, expect one this week regarding the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints. I loved this weekend in sports but I’m excited to answer your questions so lets jump right into it:

Are the Dolphins AND Jets serious contenders? I don’t believe both are serious because right now I’m leaning towards the Dolphins (Wins: @Cleveland, @Indy, Falcons). Just to compare, the Jets (Buccaneers, Bills, @Falcons). I think the win @Indy stands out and looks better after Indy handed Seattle its first lost this past week. Although watching last Geno Smith last night was somewhat impressive. I had a feeling that when he got the ball back with under two minutes that he was going to get into field goal range at least and look what happened. I think the AFC and NFC East essentially flip flopped this year. Usually we’re accustomed to at least two teams in the AFC East below .500 (Buffalo, Miami, NY Jets) with the Pats in the lead. As opposed to the NFC East waiting until the last week of the regular season to decide who wins. Maybe flip flopped isn’t the right word but they’re definitely against the norm this season.
I am not afraid of any collapse for the Red Sox. Mainly because I was expecting them to lose from something late in the game. I was a fan of Buchholz holding his own and not “being the reason” the Sox lose the game. I was surprised but not alarmed at Koji Uehara giving up the walk off blast. Don’t forget that the two outs that he gotten came on at most 5 pitches total (can’t remember exactly but he had two outs with 3 pitches before the last at-bat). He is after all human but Jake Peavy has a huge game to pitch tonight, lets say on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being totally scared of a collapse…you’ve successfully made me talk myself into a 6 or 7. Before this question I was at a happy 3.
The Tiger’s dilemma is interesting. I think to protect Cabrera you put him at DH. Depending on how long the Tigers remain in the playoffs and how big of a factor Jhonny Peralta plays in that I think determines if they resign him. Eventually Victor Martinez will find himself out of the Tigers’ lineup so I think they don’t have any harm against finding another pitcher for the bullpen.
I have some rephrased questions for you as well…
-Do the Ravens, Bengals, or Browns win the AFC North (all teams currently at 3-2)? Does the AFC North send more than one team to the playoffs? (My quick thoughts, you have Denver, New England, Indy, (AFC North Winner)…factor in KC is 5-0. You have one more spot…but its only week 5 so who the heck knows)
-Which series has surprised you the most so far, if any, in the playoffs? If none, which team impressed you the most so far?
-I feel obligated to ask, when do you see the Broncos losing their first game?

Greg to Joe

Love the Red Sox answer. The reason I think it is possible is Koji Uhehara had a historic season for a reliever, and gave up a home run to Jose Loboton… JOSE LOBOTON! Obviously, it was just one at bat, but could it get into his head? Maybe. The Patriots thing is interesting to me. I think they have a shot to stumble if when Gronk comes back, the offense isn’t on the same page for a couple games. We’ll see.

So AFC North is going to have two playoff teams, and the AFC West will too. The division champ will be the team with the best intradivision record. The Ravens are already 1-0, Bengals 1-1, and Browns 1-1. I think the Browns aren’t serious contenders for the playoffs, but they could finish .500. I think it comes down to this… If the Ravens and Bengals split, can the Ravens beat the Browns in Cleveland? I think the answer to that is yes. Therefore, I am think the Bengals and Ravens have the same record, but the Ravens go 5-1 in the division and the Bengals go 4-2 costing them a home playoff game.
The most interesting series so far has been the Pirates-Cardinals series. The Pirates had a chance to finish the series off in Pittsburgh, but couldn’t score 2 runs off the three 22 year olds that the Cardinals pitched (Michael Wacha, Carlos Martinez, and Trevor Rosenthal). Game 5 comes down to Gerrit Cole‘s composure. If he can stay calm, he has the pure stuff to lead the Pirates to victory. If he gets rattled, series is all but over as the Pirates just don’t have the fire power to comeback against Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals. Back to the 22 year olds… the Cardinals are going to be scary good for a LONG time… LONG time .They are so talented and have a DEEP farm system. I would say they could win 2-3 out of the next 5 World Series.
Broncos are going undefeated until the Super Bowl. 2007 Patriots style.
How did your fantasy teams do this past week? Domination or eek out some close victories? You got any changes in baseball predictions after these first couple of series have almost come to completion.

Joe to Greg

Well luckily I didn’t have to stay scared for long. The Red Sox showed their toughness last night after facing 9 different pitchers. My fantasy team in ESPN won again, making me 5-0 and feeling good. Speaking of which I just offered you a trade but in Yahoo, my miserable 2-3 season continues. I lost again after pulling the team back to .500 so I guess we’ll see where that takes me. I like the way that the Cardinals are playing and I’m expecting them to pull of the Game 5 win against the Pirates. The Tigers and A’s series is intense after the questionable home run call on a potential run-saving catch by the A’s Josh Reddick. Going into Game 5 I’m happy mainly because they are playing while the Red Sox rest and their starting rotation remains unblemished. With Verlander starting Game 5, who knows what other pitchers could pitch in that game a la Tampa Bay last night.

Any big headlines to look for with the upcoming Week 6 games?
Lets just say I’m happy a Gronk return seems likely…

Greg to Joe

I doubt we get a trade done in that ESPN league. I’m not going to make a trade where I give up the two best players in a 4 player deal. I’ll look into a counter offer, but I doubt anything comes of it. Just ain’t happening. Red Sox were able to get that series win and will host whoever wins tomorrow night’s pitching duel of Sonny Gray and Justin Verlander. In my playoff predictions piece, I have Verlander getting roughed up in Game 5, and I think that is what happens. Look for the Athletics to go into Boston, and try to steal home field advantage in Game 1 of the ALCS.

The biggest headline for Week 6 has to be Gronk coming back. I don’t know about his effectiveness, especially against the Saints, but we will see. I also think that game is the most interesting. I think the Saints will take the Patriots to town and dominate, but Vegas has the Patriots as the favorites. Not so sure why, but I want to watch every minute of that game. Also, I think the Packers game is a huge test for the Ravens. If the defense can slow down that offense, it will finally prove that they are back. Daryl Smith is 10x better than Ray Lewis and Dannell Ellerbe last year. It is incredible, and it is so fun to watch. I know you have written the Game of the Week, but besides that game. What games do you have your eyes on?

Joe to Greg

I know Frank Gore isn’t better than Matt Forte but he’s definitely a better option than James Jones in my opinion. I’d take San Fran’s number #1 RB over one of three different WRs the Packers have, but that’s just my opinion. Jones is great but I feel like he’s more prone to a slow or unproductive day. Both are great players to have anyways, since they both have totaled somewhere between 60-65 fantasy points each in ESPN PPR leagues. Regardless I just like proposing trades and seeing where they go, you’re probably the fourth person I proposed something to this week. I think it’s interesting to see how people think of trades compared to my own thoughts.

I’ll take Jon Lester at home over any potential A’s or Tigers starter not named Max Scherzer. So hopefully they get the series started on the right foot. I agree that the Saints can take the Patriots to town. I picked the Patriots to win, of course, but the Saints are marching into New England with a very versatile offense so it’ll be entertaining to watch. Expect some texts during that game. Also I agree that it’s weird the Pats are the favorites, I just can’t wrap my head around it. Maybe because they’re at home? Maybe people overhype Tom Brady at home? The other game I have my eyes on is the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys. I’m interested in how the Cowboys respond after a near perfect game last week against the Broncos. A couple of different ESPN commentators discussed how after that late interception from Romo, more people were feeling bad for him instead of mocking and jeering him. I think the perception of him is changing a bit and this game has a big impact on the future of this season. On the flip side you have the Redskins and RGIII. Coming in with a 1-3 record, they need to get back into the division contention and if the Cowboys do win, they pull back to .500 at 3-3 and potentially gain sole possession of first place.
Greg Danchik & Joe Meola