Daily Dojo: Replays in Baseball

I don’t understand Bud Selig. He claims he wants the game of baseball to speed up, but now he’s adding manger challenges. Actually, there are 3 total challenges. 1 in the first 6 innings and 2 in the last 3 innings. Games will never end. Also, I am crowning myself with the tweet of the day.

Replay only works if the umpires can get the call right with video. It’s that simple.

I do believe that there could be replay in baseball, but this challenge system isn’t great. There could be replays on fair/foul balls and close calls on the bases. I just feel like the challenge system will slow down the game.

Also once there is a challenge system in place, the flood gates are open. When will balls and strikes become replay-able? It is just going to turn into a whole mess. I don’t like it, but it’s here and I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually. Then I’ll get upset again when they make balls and strikes replay-able.

Alex Rodriguez is an asshole. Having his team leak the names on the Biogenesis Report is outrageous. I don’t know what else to say about it except Matthew Berry put it best.


Watching the Ravens’ first team offense last night actually cheers me up. This may sound odd because they played so bad. Here’s my reasoning… There is NO WAY they can play any worse. I think Joe Flacco can figure it out with these new receivers. He’s no Tom Brady so I don’t have 100% faith it happens, but I am still confident. I do think the defense will be better so I would be shocked if the Ravens have an 8-8 record or worse. Ozzie Newsome is a genius and I believe he made changes and kept this team as a top team in the AFC.

Greg Danchik

Daily Dojo – More and More Injuries

There wasn’t a whole lot of news from yesterday. I would say Yu Darvish taking a no-no into the 8th is a big deal, but he was pitching against the team that may not be able to succeed in the minor leagues, the Houston Astros.

Jamaal Charles’ foot injury looks like it is not too severe. He has been walking around practice without a boot, but I would wait for an MRI result before I make any significant movement in fantasy football rankings. I would only drop him 1 spot in my rankings. That puts him behind Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, and CJ Spiller.

Yadier Molina put on catcher’s gear for the first time since being put on the DL. This is good news because he is arguably the best offensive catcher in baseball, which is great for your fantasy teams. It might actually be better for the Cardinals because he IS the best defensive catcher in baseball and makes that pitching staff so much better than it already is.

Finally, I got a tweet and a video that you need to see. The Tweet of the Day is about Matt Harvey. It looks like the Mets are going to shut him down at 200 innings. He is at 159.2 right now. If you have him in a head to head fantasy baseball league and you are competing for a title, you just got screwed. Exactly why I hate head to head fantasy baseball leagues. THEY ARE STUPID!


This video is pretty weird. This is mob boss, John Gotti, talking about steroids in sports in 1998, during the Mark McGwire v. Sammy Sosa Home Run Chase. It is pretty crazy that he was talking about this long before the mainstream media was. This is actual prison footage of Gotti talking to his grandson. You only need to watch about a minute to see what I am talking about

Greg Danchik


Strasburg Stars

Stephen Strasburg (washingtonpost.com)

Stephen Strasburg (washingtonpost.com)

Stephen Strasburg took a huge step forward this weekend with his compete game. He is widely considered one of the best young pitchers, if not one of the best pitchers, in baseball, and most people wouldn’t have been able to tell you that he had never thrown a complete game before. He was finally able to be efficient enough for the Nationals to let him go all the way. With only 99 pitches, he surrender 4 hits and a walk, but managed to strikeout 10 batters. That is just ridiculous. He has absolutely filthy stuff. I think that once the Nationals turn him loose, he is going to be an absolute monster. I’m excited to see how good he is going to be next year assuming his mechanics don’t put him on the DL too much.

Jack Clark’s accusation of Albert Pujols is really interesting. I am not so sure he used. His production has fallen off recently, but why would he stop when he went to the Angels? It was not like there was a new drug policy put in place that year. I think his production drop off is because he got old and the foot injury is just because he is old and old people get hurt. He may have used, but I have no idea why this is coming out now.

Mike Trout saying that PED users should get a lifetime ban is really interesting. That means he is proclaiming his innocence so if he gets caught, he will be crucified. If baseball gets any hint of it, I am sure they will attack him. For the record, I don’t know if he is using, but in this day and age, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Football is getting closer and closer, but the injuries just keep on coming. Here is my Tweet of the Day


Greg Danchik


Daily Dojo 8-9-2013

nfl-logoThe NFL Preseason has started! Football is back! And I don’t think it is super significant. It is significant for the player who are trying to make rosters as special teamers, but as a fan, I want to see the first team playing at all times. That is why I will care more once the third week of the preseason is starting. This is the week that you see who the starters are going to be, and where you will see if your fantasy football sleepers will be getting opportunities once the real games start. The injuries in the preseason are annoying, and every year, people clamor about how there has never been this many injuries. There are roughly the same amount each year, but we are a forgetful species so we just don’t remember. These next 4 weeks cannot go fast enough for me because I want to see the Ravens v. Broncos Thursday Night Football game. Then I won’t be able to get enough football, but until then, I only pay attention enough to succeed in fantasy football.

Tiger Woods (AP)

Tiger Woods (AP)

Tiger’s poor first round in the PGA Championship has me losing hope in him. I am starting to believe that he can’t do it again. He definitely still has to skills to be an elite golfer. After all, he is the number 1 ranked golfer in the world. I just do not think he has the mental fortitude that he once had to lock down a major win. I think that the thought of him not catching Jack is getting to him. He is pressing because he knows that the chances of him winning 19, or 15 for that matter, are getting smaller and smaller. We’ll see if Tiger can succeed. I am not so sure, but I know I’ll be rooting for him in every tournament he plays from now until he calls it a career.

The Alex Rodriguez story continues. He is returning home to Yankee Stadium tonight for his first game since returning from injury. I have no idea if he will get booed or not. This whole situation is insane. I think there will definitely be a mix and I actually think the positive cheering will be drown out the  booing. That is my personal opinion. However, there is a good chance there is a rainout tonight so this could be an interesting topic for tomorrow instead of today. I just can’t wait until A-Rod is out of baseball and gone for good.

Greg Danchik

Daily Dojo 8-8-2013

Finally, I’m back home after a long summer of research, and I am excited to get back to writing more consistently. I will be writing for this site, but I am also writing for RosterDoc.com and profootballnetworks.com. That is where a lot of my football and fantasy football content will be. On to the sports…

The NCAA rules might be really dumb, but Johnny Manziel is dumber. I will get into how I would change the NCAA rules, but lets look at how Manziel may have cost his team a bunch of victories and cost himself a year of eligibility in college football. First of all, if he wants to succeed in the NFL, he needs that year of eligibility. He just isn’t going to translate well to the NFL. Last year, a lot of his success came from broken down plays, like his huge play against Alabama that he lost control of the football and got control back and threw a touchdown. Right now, he just isn’t ready for the NFL defenses and playing in a pro-style offense.

Now, he is an idiot if these allegations are true. The video that has him signing autographs sounds pretty damning. Why would he be in a random hotel room signing helmets if he wasn’t getting paid? He wouldn’t be. He is dumb because the NCAA rules are pretty clear and, I’m paraphrasing here, say… DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING OR DO ANYTHING THAT USES YOUR LIKENESS TO MAKE MONEY! WE OWN YOU! Sorry, that last part probably isn’t in there. My point is Manziel has no power in the situation, he needs to follow the rules, or the NCAA is going to get him off the field.

The NCAA rules are pretty dumb too. They have all the power and actually lie about how they do not use their players likeness, but no one can force them to stop because they are the judge and jury of all things college athletics. I know for a fact that NCAA Football, the video game, actually uses characteristics that match the actual players on the field. One of the more egregious acts by the NCAA was used on the NCAA website for jersey sales. This is a tweet by Jay Bilas that just shows how bad it is.

If you want more examples, check out Bilas’ timeline. The NCAA is selling Johnny Football jerseys (which is definitely Johnny Manziel’s likeness), but he can’t make money on his own likeness. Its just ridiculous. Something needs to change because the NCAA is making money, but they don’t do much… they just make rules, and then give punishment without using the rules in place. But it doesn’t matter because they have too much power to be taken down or changed.

My favorite ridiculous, but kind of true, depiction of the NCAA comes from South Park.

On a total unrelated sports note, my friend A-Willy, formerly known as Aaron, has made a music video and its just something else… I suggest watching it.

Greg Danchik