LeBron Goes Home

LeBron James returns to Cleveland.

It happened exactly a year after I wrote about it (and yes, I am even posting this at the exact same time of day… 5:00 pm EST) and people said no way and chuckled. My reasons are/were listed in this paragraph.

Andrew Bynum signs with the Cavaliers. I am on the record of saying LeBron James will be a Cleveland Cavalier for the 2014-2015 NBA season. I have made two bets actually and I will take anymore that people want to offer up. If you look at the Cavaliers and Heat this season and take LeBron James out of the picture, the Cavaliers are much better. Starting five of Kyrie IrvingDion Waiters, and Anthony Bennett with Tristan ThompsonAnderson Varejao and Andrew Bynum splitting the 4 and 5 duties. The Heat minus LeBron looks like this… Mario ChalmersDwyane WadeMike MillerUdonis Haslem, and Chris Bosh. I realize that this is an unfair comparison because the Heat built their team around LeBron, but wouldn’t LeBron want to play with the better supporting cast? That’s what he did in 2010, and he will probably do it again. If you say he’s the best player in the world now and he doesn’t have to move because players come to him, you’re wrong. He was the best player in the world in 2010 and he moved. He is already building an extension on his house in Ohio, he wants his kids to grow up in Akron, he donated $1 million dollars to rebuild his former high school’s basketball gym, and he wants to win. LeBron will be donning a crisp #6 Cleveland Cavaliers’ jersey opening night in 2014/2015.

I told Heather I was going to brag for 40 days and 40 nights, but I’m not. I just feel awesome right now.

I really like how he announced his decision with an essay in SI. It was really well written. He didn’t guarantee a championship, and he also didn’t mention Andrew Wiggins or Anthony Bennett, which means Kevin Love is probably coming to Cleveland. We’ll see about that.

Even with the current roster, it is the right basketball move. Last summer, it looked like the right move, and it looks even better this summer. Dwyane Wade is really old. He is broken down and only played in 54 games during the regular season. He is no longer to superstar he once was. The role players that are still around include Chris AndersonMichael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, Norris ColeRashard Lewis and Shabazz Napier. Those players can’t help LeBron win a title, even with Chris Bosh and they proved that in their NBA Championship loss to the Spurs.

The Cavaliers situation looks a lot brighter with some young players. Andrew Wiggins, if he is staying in Cleveland, was the Number One Overall Pick in the 2015 NBA Draft. Prior to his one year in college, people were calling him the best prospect since Kevin Durant. I am not sure that is the case, but it could be. He is a extremely gifted athlete that will be a great defender right away. He just needs to improve his offensive game, and LeBron could definitely help with that. Kyrie Irving is always hurt, but he will now be elevated with LeBron, and he will not have to carry to load of the team, which he is not good enough to do and win. Hopefully that means he will be on the court more. With Anderson Varejao, Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters as capable role players, this Cleveland team will be looking for a title this year. The only two challengers in the East will be Indiana and Chicago, but Cleveland’s road to the title should be easier as they will most likely have the number one seed and won’t have to face both of those teams en route to a Finals appearance.

This announcement makes for a great NBA season next year with Cleveland as serious title contenders and the Houston Rockets improving with Chris Bosh. While the West is already stacked, I think that the Rockets are now seriously in contention with the Thunder and Spurs for the Western Conference Title.

Greg Danchik

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