Daily Dojo 6-11-2013


Lebron James' block in Game 1  of the NBA Finals

Lebron James’ block in Game 2 of the NBA Finals

Heat and Spurs NBA Finals Game 3 tonight will be a good one. LeBron James is coming off a game where he did not score a lot but he was a key component in the Heat’s victory with a line of 17 points, 8 rebounds, 7 assists and a block that defined Game 2. Tim Duncan had a horrific game. He had 9 points on 3 for 13 shooting. That’s a 23.1% shooting percentage from the floor, which was his worse shooting performance of these playoffs. I think Duncan will bounce back and have a great game in Game 3. However, Miami has only lost 2 games on the road in the playoffs this year. I think LeBron takes over at the end of the game and leads his team to a 3 point victory, 102-99.


Gerrit Cole is being called up today. He will be pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the San Francisco Giants. He has the stuff right now but he isn’t much of a pitcher by major league standards. He is more of a thrower than pitcher. He has a 100 mph fastball but it isn’t located all the time and will get hit by major league hitters when it’s over the middle of the plate. His secondary stuff obviously isn’t at a major league level yet but that will come with time. I also don’t think the Pirates are great at developing talent (excluding Andrew McCutchen and Starling Marte). Otherwise, they would not have been awful the past ten years. Overall, I think Cole could be an ace and he is probably the best pitching prospect being called up this year, so maybe he surprises me today. However, I think the adrenaline will allow the fastball to have a high velocity but will go all over the place and he will get a bit roughed up like Kevin Gausman did in his first start. Buster Posey will have a BIG night for the Giants.


After about a week of speculation, Ahmad Bradshaw has signed with the Indianapolis Colts. I think that this helps the Colts out immensely. Vick Ballard is a very serviceable running back in the NFL but Bradshaw has much more talent. Bradshaw is a better runner at the goal line, a better pass catcher (even though Ballard had a great game winning catch against the Titans last year), and is better at running outside the tackle box. Everything points to Bradshaw taking over the #1 running back role and Ballard being a clear back up. He can’t be a change of pace because they run with the same style. Ballard will take over when Bradshaw gets hurt at some point this year, but look for Bradshaw to be the main man when healthy. I think this increase in talent at the running back position helps Andrew Luck‘s performance. He’s a top 5 fantasy quarterback and a dark horse MVP candidate with a better running game. Also, I think the Colts are going to surprise a lot of people this season, but that’s a story for another day.


I honestly don’t know a lot about hockey. What I do know is that the Blackhawks and Bruins have been by far the hottest teams in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year and that’s why they are playing for the Stanley Cup. The series starts tomorrow so prediction for the game will come then.

Greg Danchik

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