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Game 4 of the NBA Finals is tonight and LeBron James is going to need to step up. He has already said, “I will do whatever it takes.” He also said that his performance has been unacceptable, specifically about the ZERO free throw attempts. If the Heat want to win tonight, he will need to get to the free throw line and be willing to shoot his jump shot. The Spurs also have Tony Parker available after being diagnosed with a Grade 1 hamstring pull. We will see how effective he is. Here’s my prediction, LeBron goes off tonight and gets a triple double, while scoring 30 points. The Heat win and tie up the series. However, if this doesn’t happen and the Heat lose, the Spurs win this series in 5 games.

LeBron and Wade dejected after Game 1 loss.

LeBron and Wade dejected after the Game 1 loss.


My prediction for yesterday was right all the way up until there was 12 minutes left in regulation. The Bruins were dominating and Tuukka Rask had been insane and kept the Blackhawks to just one goal. Then the Blackhawks woke up. They scored right after the Bruins third goal. This got the crowd back into the game. A couple minutes later, Johnny Oduya took a shot from the blue line that trickled in the net off Andrew Ference‘s skate. There was nothing Rask could have done about that one. The game goes into overtime, and I had to go to sleep, because of work in the morning. I regret that decision because of what happened next. The game went into overtime, and from what I saw, the Bruins had plenty of chances to end it. The first overtime ended in a tie and they went to a second OT. On the power play at the end of the second overtime, captain Zdano Chara took a shot from the blue line and it deflected off Jaromir Jagr, but hit the post. And the Bruins let the game slide into a third overtime. The Bruins couldn’t end the game early in the third overtime. Then the Blackhawks did. They scored on a Michal Rozsival shot that deflected off Dave Bolland and then Andrew Shaw and the Blackhawks win this game in triple overtime.

Andrew Shaw deflects in the Game 1 winner

Andrew Shaw scores the Game 1 winner

A great game that I  wish I stayed up to watch. I will be up and watching all the games until their conclusion from now on in this series. I believe the Bruins probably feel really down today after a tough loss like that. Luckily, they have a break until Saturday to get their heads straight and to recover from an insane amount of hockey.


Willis McGahee was cut by the Broncos today. He was just told by doctors that he had no more running restrictions while recovering from his Week 11 injury that left him with a torn ligament in his right knee. Even after the injury, he led the Broncos with 731 yards in 2012. The Broncos save $2.5 million in cap space in 2013 and $2 million in 2014. 2nd round pick Montee Ball will most likely become the feature back in that offense. He will start to climb on fantasy football draft boards. He will be the main back and get most, if not all, of the carries for the Broncos. And Peyton Manning can make any running back look good.

US Open

The US Open started today. The rain hit this morning and Marion Golf Club will have a lot of work to do to make this course playable. Once the course is playable, it will be moist and allow for a lot of low scores. Come Sunday (or Monday if the rounds get pushed back because of weather) there should be a lot of players in contention.

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