Daily Dojo 6-14-2013


LeBron James finally scored in the fashion that he is capable of. He led all scorers with 33 points, and he had 11 rebounds and 4 assists. He played a dominant style of basketball and finally looked like he wanted to score. Early on, he made some layups and that gave him the confidence to make his jumper as evidenced by his first two jumpers going in. Although LeBron finally had a good scoring game, but he definitely wasn’t alone last night. Dwyane Wade played like his knee was not a problem. Bill Simmons made a joking remark asking whether he went to Germany in between games because he was playing like a younger version of himself (the Germany reference has to do with Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods going to Germany for a special clinic). He was driving to the basket and taking jump shots with confidence. I do not think he liked the Spurs guarding him with a center. He played stellar defense with 6 steals and nice block on Tiago Splitter. I think this will be the only big game he has left in these NBA Finals. Wade stepped up when the Heat needed it most.

Tony Parker played amazing in the first half. It was hard to tell if the pulled hammy was bothering him. By the end of the second half, you could tell his hammy started to bother him. He had 15 points and 6 assists in the first half and driving the Spurs potent offense. However in the second half, he had 3 assists and no points. I hope that he will be able to recover a little bit more before Game 5 on Sunday so the Spurs are at full strength.

Prediction for this weekend: Spurs win behind a big game from Manu Ginobili and everyone will be surprised by Dwyane Wade’s lack of production. LeBron has a usual LeBron game.


Matt Harvey cannot get any run support. He pitches great and cannot buy a win. He was dealt his first loss yesterday afternoon after only giving up 1 run in 7 innings. The Mets have only given him 18 runs while he has been pitching in his last ten outings. That is absurdly low and he should have more than 5 wins. Yesterday, however, Adam Wainwright gave up no runs in 7 innings and earned the win for the Cardinals. This was one of the only games that he has been outpitched. Harvey will be the Mets top of the rotation starter for years to come with Zack Wheeler as the number 2. That is going to be a great rotation in a couple of years.

The Weekend Ahead

Game 2 of the  Stanley Cup Finals is on Saturday with the Blackhawks leading the series 1-0. I think they push it to 2-0 and run over Boston after the big overtime win on Wednesday night. Blackhawks 4-1

The US Open keeps getting rain. There might even be another delay later today. From the couple holes I have watched of Tiger, he looks like he has a wrist injury. After a lot of his shots, he is wincing in pain and shaking his wrist. Hopefully, this isn’t an issue as he goes into the weekend. I am a little less confident in my Tiger pick, but I still believe he will win. After being at his daughters 8th grade graduation and two cross country flights AND getting to the Marion Golf Club less than 2 hours before his 7:11 am tee time, Lefty shoots a -3. Maybe Phil Mickelson is the one destined to win this weekend. We’ll see on Sunday, or Monday because of the weather.

I am excited to watch the White Sox-Astros game tonight. Chris Sale is going to have his best game of the year in my opinion, he is going to get strike outs in droves. I think he will get  AT  LEAST 10 strikeouts in 7 innings. The Astros might have an historically low amount of talent on a Major League roster. They are rebuilding correctly though, and look for them to be a contender come 2015. (More on their rebuild another day)

Austin Jackson is coming back for the Tigers. There line up gets their leadoff hitter back. That lineup is going to be even better going forward with Jackson’s speed and average at the top.

Final Thought

Imagine James Harden, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul all on the same team… thats a BIG 3…

Greg Danchik

Update: Just heard the Tiger injury is an elbow… not good for my prediction


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