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Prediction of Game 5… I was right partially:

Spurs win behind a big game from Manu Ginobili and everyone will be surprised by Dwyane Wade’s lack of production. LeBron has a usual LeBron game.

Ginobili played amazing.

Manu Ginobili layup during Game 5 of the NBA Finals

Manu Ginobili layup during Game 5 of the NBA Finals

He had a double double with 10 assists and 24 points on 8-14 shooting. It came during his first start of the season. He was the first player since Marcus Camby in 1999 to not start a game in the regular season or playoffs then start in the NBA Finals. Ginobili put the Spurs on his back and had a magnificent performance. However, Danny Green is undoubtedly the NBA Finals MVP if the Spurs with the title. He broke the record for 3-pointers made in an NBA Finals series and he has at least one game left to add on to that. LeBron had 25 points, but he looked bad. He missed a lot of make-able layups as evidenced by his 8-22 shooting from the floor. LeBron also killed a rally with his offensive foul at the end of the game. Wade played better than I expected with 25 points along with 10 assists. Game 6 should be interesting. Will the Heat perform with their backs against the wall? Or will they crumble like they did in the 2011 NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks? What I do know is this… LeBron James must have… MUST HAVE NBA Final MVP performances in Games 6 and 7 for the Heat to win this series. Prediction for the game tomorrow.


I cannot predict these Stanley Cup Finals games. Got both games wrong. The Bruins were more mentally tough than I expected. However, if Tuukka Rask was not INSANE in the first period, the Blackhawks could have been up by 3 goals and maybe more. I think the Blackhawks bounce back tonight in Game 3 and win 2-1 late or in overtime… Of course I am probably wrong, and the Bruins will probably win in a blowout.

Rask is gonna get serious money this off season if he keeps performing like this. He is a restricted free agent after the season ends.

US Open:

Phil Mickelson finishes second at the US Open. Sound familiar?  For the sixth time in his career, Mickelson finished as the runner-up. This was not as bad as the double bogey on the 72nd hole of the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot Golf Club.

Phil Mickelson next to Geoff Ogilvy with 2006 US Open trophy

Phil Mickelson next to Geoff Ogilvy with 2006 US Open trophy

However, this one is pretty bad. He started the day at -1 and as the only leader. He missed a putt on 16 that he could have made. Then he couldn’t put his second shot on 18 onto the green. His shot to force a playoff ended up being a difficult chip that didn’t end up going in. It gave Justin Rose the win at the 113th US Open. Rose won at one over par. Merion Golf Club was the other winner of this tournament and also probably won itself another US Open in 10 years.As Lee Westwood‘s tweet said (retweeted by me), “If merion would have played dry this week like the USGA wanted it would have been impossible.”

Confederations Cup:

Spain has such an amazing ability to pass the ball and keep possession. They absolutely dominated Uruguay the ENTIRE game and should have won by 2 goals. Uruguay got a free kick in the 88th minutes and Luis Suarez just put it away. That could end up being key in determining who wins the group. However, I think that Spain will win this thing running away and that goal won’t matter. I think Brazil is their main competition and Italy has a long shot at winning the tournament. Spain is just way too good. There three subs last night were Santi Cazorla, Javi Martinez, and Juan Mata. I mean… how good can a country get? I think they win this tournament and that only Germany and Brazil can seriously challenge them for the World Cup title next year.

Spain hoisting the 2010 World Cup trophy

Spain hoisting the 2010 World Cup trophy


NBA Finals Game 6 Prediction

Two top prospects get called up in the MLB

 Greg Danchik

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