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Game 6 of the NBA Finals is tonight in Miami. The Heat have their backs against the wall and need to respond at home with their crowd behind them. I am really back and forth on what I think will happen in this game. The Heat and LeBron could absolutely dominate the Spurs like Game 2. Or they could just fall flat on their faces, like Game 3. Will it be like Game 6 of the 2012 Conference Finals in Boston or Game 6 of the 2011 NBA Finals against the Mavericks? I have no idea. The Heat are a very Jekyll and Hyde type of team in the playoffs. The Spurs are a great team and Gregg Popovich is a genius. He’s had the same big three for 11 years and he is one win away from another NBA Championship, 6 years after his last one.

After some thought, I’ve decided this… Who ever wins Game 6 of the NBA Finals will be the NBA Champion. Either, the Spurs win tonight and they are champions or the Heat win two in a row and are champions. For tonight, my pick is in… I love LeBron James and I think he’s great and I have a total man crush on him (ask Heather), but I think the Spurs end it tonight.

Danny Green shooting 1 of many 3-point attempts in the 2013 NBA Finals

Danny Green shooting one of many 3-point attempts in the 2013 NBA Finals

Danny Green has been lights out from 3-point land and I don’t think he cools off in Game 6. Manu Ginobili has finally woken up from the dead and it is going to be a big help to the Spurs going forward. Tony Parker is playing hurt and his hamstring could tear at any point, but with Manu back playing well, he does not need to be as effective for the Spurs to win. Finally, Tim Duncan wants this title and he will push his team to victory. The Heat just haven’t been the same team since the 27 game winning streak. I hope I am wrong, but I think LeBron and company will lose tonight. When the Heat are at their best, they cannot lose, but they are not at their best right now. If I am wrong, it will be because LeBron finally plays like the MVP he is. Spurs in a close one, 97-93.

2007 NBA Champions- The San Antonio Spurs

2007 NBA Champions- The San Antonio Spurs


Well I was right that I was going to be wrong! Tuukka Rask is so hot right now and I think he’s just going to carry Boston to this Stanley Cup Title. But I am by no means very knowledgeable when it comes to hockey. Anything could happen.


The United States Men’s National Soccer team plays tonight against Honduras. It is a home game being played in Salt Lake City. This game could virtually lock the United States into a World Cup birth. They have played one game less than Mexico, their main competition, but have a 2 point lead in the CONCACAF Hexagonal standings. If they win this home game, they’ll take a 5 point lead and be in total control going forward. I think they do win this game. Look for Jozy Altidore to keep his goal streak up and Clint Dempsey to add another tally for a 2-0 win against Honduras.

Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey prior to 2010 World Cup clash with England

Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey prior to 2010 World Cup clash with England


This big story today is that two top prospects are being called up, Wil Myers and Zack Wheeler. For more on them, check out the Top Prospect Tuesday post.

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