Daily Dojo 6-19-2013

I cannot believe what I saw last night. I don’t wanna hear LeBron didn’t have a good game… he was THE REASON the Heat did not lose that game in the fourth quarter. He willed that team through the fourth quarter. And I have no explanation for no timeout by Popovich at the end of the overtime EXCEPT that Tony Parker really hurt his hammy and it’s possibly torn now. We’ll see. I need another day to digest this game. Review and Game 7 prediction tomorrow.

Wil Myers only had 1 hit out of 7 at bats in his doubleheader debut yesterday. He only saw 21 pitches in those at bats. That’s only 3 pitches per at bat. That is a sign of poor plate discipline. However, I attest most of that to nerves, but it could be a sign of things to come. We’ll see. We have to give him a good sample size for a true assessment.

Zack Wheeler pitched extremely well yesterday in the night cap after Matt Harvey starred in the afternoon game. He only gave up 4 hits in 6 innings and added 7 strikeouts. However, he did have 5 walks. Luckily for him, he didn’t get lit up because that is usually what happens when you walk that many guys. He may have been lucky last night, but again, the walks could have been from nerves. Just like Myers, there needs to be a bigger sample size to give a fair assessment. Right now, the Harvey and Wheeler combo looks good for the Mets for now and the future.

USMNT wins on an Jozy Altidore goal. I didn’t watch the game so I can’t say much about it, but I did call the Altidore goal. From the highlight, it looked like a great couple of passes that led to a wide open Altidore, who finessed the ball into the net.

This is a short one, I’ll do more tomorrow. I think that the game last night just can’t let me focus on anything else.


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  1. Gotta admit, I probably check this website like six times a day. Huge fan. Love it. Gotta say one thing: Lebron had a good 4th and OT, but no one would’ve even remembered it if it wasn’t for Bosh’s rebound and Allen’s three. The two of them saved Lebron, and potentially his legacy if they go on and win tonight. And I never wanna see Lebron without his headband ever again.

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