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Baltimore-Orioles logoFinally, I get to write about my favorite sport everyday, baseball. The NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals were amazing, but I just prefer baseball. As an Orioles fan, this is the chance I get to talk about them. They are going to make the playoffs, I think. I don’t think the Blue Jays’ run is sustainable. Their bullpen has been pitching out of their minds and the starters are just mediocre at best. RA Dickey had a great year last year, but when the roof is closed in Toronto, his knuckleball doesn’t knuckle. I think the Yankees are too broken down to compete. However, I think the Rays and Red Sox, obviously, can compete. Luckily for me, this website wasn’t up at the beginning of the year because I did not expect the division to look like this so I don’t look like an idiot… yet.

I think it will come down to the Orioles, Rays and Red Sox for the AL East crown. They all have question marks, but they all deserve playoff berths, as of right now. The two teams that do not win the division will compete for the AL Wild Card spots with the Rangers. Frankly, I think it will be 3 AL East teams in the playoff. The Rangers just are not the fearsome line up they used to be, and they definitely do not have great pitching behind Yu Darvish. It looks to be a tight race down the stretch and it should be interesting to see how the division looks at the All Star Break.

MLB.tv is the greatest thing that has ever been invented. I cannot stress this enough. It is literally the greatest thing of all time. I get to watch every Orioles game where they aren’t playing the Yankees, Phillies, Pirates or Mets, and it isn’t a nationally televised game. It is so awesome. I will be purchasing the full year at the beginning of next season, but month to month is more value to me now. I am also excited to go to the Orioles-Yankees game that will be on Sunday Night Baseball. I got a sweet deal on the tickets too. I’m pumped, and hopefully, it will be a good game so I can write about it. Actually, I’ll write about it regardless so it really doesn’t matter.

Zack Wheeler did not have a great second start. He gave up 4 earned runs in 5.1 innings. He only gave up 4 hits, but he had 3 walks. The White Sox were just able to take advantage of it in a way the Braves could not.  He is just adjusting to new competition. He has a great fastball with a lot of life, but just cannot control it yet. Once he harness that and gets his secondary pitches working, he will be a stud muffin. He will be a main cog in a good Mets team in 2016, MAYBE 2015 if EVERYTHING goes right.

Last MLB note, Brian Cashman telling Alex Rodriguez to, “shut the f*** up,” may be the greatest thing a GM has ever said even if it was an overreaction.

College World Series

The UCLA Bruins won their first national championship ever… in baseball. This just adds to their 108 other national championships. To be honest, I did not watch the game so I can’t tell you who looked good or bad or anything like that.

Confederations Cup

Messi and Neymar

Messi and Neymar

Brazil and Uruguay play today at 3pm. I see a Brazil victory 3-1. This has been Neymar‘s coming out party against world class competition. I mean everyone who knows about soccer, or plays FIFA, knew he was good. It was just a question of how good he would be against great competition. I think, during the Italy match, he displayed how well he can play against great competition and reminded the world that Barcelona is going to be scary with Messi and him.


Novak Djokovic won yesterday. I think he will play Roger Federer in the Wimbledon Final. Then again, I literally know nothing about the intricacies of tennis. I just know that those two players, and Rafael Nadal, are in a class of their own when it comes to tennis. I don’t really have a rooting interest in this tournament, but I hope those two get to the final. Djokovic and Federer would be the two players I’d bet on.

NBA Draft talk tomorrow


Aaron Hernandez being taken from his house in handcuffs

Aaron Hernandez being taken from his house in handcuffs

Aaron Hernandez was taken from his house in handcuffs this morning. The New England Patriots decided to release Aaron Hernandez as well. WOAH. I have no idea where this is going, but it does not look good.  More in depth talk about him at another time.

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