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Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun

Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun is probably going to be suspended soon. It’s not like we haven’t heard that before, right? He has been linked to the Biogenesis Report since its inception. The MLB has already botched his first suspension by losing the appeal on a technicality. Braun won’t speak about it to reporters or the MLB. Also, Alex Rodriguez has been linked to this report as well. I think when A-Rod gets suspended, he should just walk away and take his money. He is a shell of the player he used to be, and he will not reach Barry Bonds’ career home run record. This report, in general, is going to have many interesting consequences. I want to see the other 20+ players that the MLB wants to suspend. That list could SHOCK some people. I have an idea of one player that could be on it… I won’t say. ┬áIt should be an interesting couple of weeks after the All Star Game unless the MLB doesn’t actually announce suspensions.

Yoenis Cespedes is the final contestant for the AL Home Run Derby team. Miguel Cabrera turned down the invitation because of a sore back, but Cespedes is now my favorite to win the whole thing. He is a freak of nature and should be able to homer a ton in this batting practice session called the Home Run Derby.

In actual baseball games this week, the Cardinals are getting a chance to beat up on their former division rival. Adam Wainwright dominated the Astros last night in 7 innings. He only gave up 1 run and added 9 strikeouts. He improves to 12-5 on the season with 126 strikeouts. Now, I have written about the Astros before and how bad they are right now. It means that Shelby Miller should be able to get back to his early season form tonight. I am thinking at least 10 K’s tonight in 6 innings. I think it should be a fun one to watch if you like to see pitching dominance, or you are a Cardinals fan. They are the best team in baseball and will probably be contenders forever with their amazing farm system. St. Louis will probably get a couple of World Series rings in the next 5-10 years. I think the Cardinals will dominate the Astros tonight especially if the Cardinals bullpen holds up tonight.

Tonight’s baseball games to watch:

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