Daily Dojo 7-9-2013

Chris Davis

Chris Davis

The Home Run Derby teams were announced last night and if you are a fan of the derby, you should be happy. Super slugger Chris Davis and defending champion Prince Fielder were selected to the AL team by Robinson Cano. The fourth member of the AL team is TBA. David Wright, NL Captain, selected phenom Bryce Harper to go along with two Rockies, Carlos Gonzalez and  Michael Cuddyer. I think these players will lead to an exciting event, but I am not happy that Chris Davis is in the competition. The Home Run Derby has been known to ruin a players swing because players change their swing to try and hit home runs for the derby (I realize that makes me sound like Captain Obvious). I just do not want to see Davis get knocked off his pace because he has a shot to break 60 homers this season and that has not happened since Barry Bonds hit 73 in 2001. I think if you are going to put Davis in, Miguel Cabrera should be in too and the top home run hitters this year should square off. Right now, Davis has 9 more home runs than anyone else in the competition so I figure he would be the overwhelming favorite. I just don’t want to see this curse on Davis as an O’s fan and as a fan of in-game homers.

Victor Cruz signed a nice extension with the Giants, 6-years $46 million. Now, in the NFL, the only thing that matters is the guaranteed dollars, and Cruz is guaranteed $15.625 million in the first two seasons of this contract. I am not so sure this was a great deal for the Giants. The better receiver on that team is Hakeem Nicks, who is on the last year of his contract. Cruz has been healthier over the past two seasons, but Nicks is a much better talent. I am not so sure Cruz will be able to be the absolute main man and take on double teams if Nicks leaves next off season. I would be worried about his production next year, but this year he should still be good. However, he could end up not losing his worth ethic with all that money in his back pocket.

Who is leading the MLB in WAR (Wins Above Replacement by Baseball Reference) this year? Miguel Cabrera? No. Manny Machado? No. David Wright? No. Chris Davis? No. Cabrera and Machado are tied for second with a WAR of 5.0. Yet, the leader in WAR for this season is Carlos Gomez with a WAR of 5.5. In the first Dojo Sparring, Joe said Carlos Gomez was a “role player.” He has been much more than that this year. Gomez has 20 doubles, 9 triples, 13 home runs, 41 RBIs, and 20 steals. He is doing this all while batting a very nice .308. His offensive stats are phenomenal, but they account for just above half of his total WAR. Gomez’s offensive WAR is 3.0. He has a very high defensive WAR, 2.5, and is third in all of baseball in that category. That can be attributed to plays that he makes that are similar to the one he made last night. This is a must see video… I have no other words for it.

Greg Danchik


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