Daily Dojo 8-5-2013

What a weekend in baseball…

We found out that Alex Rodriguez will be suspended through the 2014 season, at least. I am writing this before the suspensions are handed down, so I am still speculating that a lifetime ban is possible. However, it looks like that is not the case and he is going to be suspended under the drug agreement. I think this is a mistake by the MLB, but Buster Olney had a good point, for once. If Selig lets him play while he is appealing, he will be able to go to the MLBPA and say they need stronger penalties. This is something that is needed in baseball. The penalties don’t stop players from cheating. I’ll finish this topic with this question… Would you be willing to cheat by taking an illegal substance to make 100 million dollars and support your family for the rest of your and their lives? Ryan Braun and A-Rod said yes.

Now for the good parts going on in baseball.

Jose Fernandez (cbssports.com)

Jose Fernandez (cbssports.com)

Jose Fernandez is one of the best pitchers in baseball… he turned 21 years old this year. He is ridiculous. He has had two straight games in which he had recorded 13 strikeouts. His ERA is the 8th best in the entire MLB ahead of Cy Young candidates Yu Darvish, Max Scherzer, and Adam Wainwright. The Marlins are building a superstar team just like the Astros are. They have Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich, Jake Marisnick, Andrew Heaney (still in the minors, but was their 2012 first round draft pick) and more. They always seem to have the worst management team, and out of no where… they win a World Series. Mark my words, 2017 World Series… Houston Astros vs Miami Marlins. You’ll see. Oh another Fernandez note… I traded him in a keeper league… I hate myself for that. It saddens me everyday he pitches, but he is an amazing talent and awesome to watch.

Wil Myers (abcactionnews.com)

Wil Myers (abcactionnews.com)

Remember how I wrote up Wil Myers? He started off sucking, but he is now playing extremely well. Besides Yasiel Puig and the Dodgers, Wil Myers and the Rays have been the hottest team in baseball by far. Since Wil Myers call up, they have gone 27-12 and skyrocketed to second in the AL East, only a game back of the Red Sox. They also have a 4 game lead for home field advantage in the Wild Card game. The only sad part for the Rays is they could have had Wil Myers all year. They made a mistake by waiting to call him up. If somehow they don’t make the playoffs or don’t win the AL East and lose in the Wild Card game, they will be second guessing themselves because they have a championship caliber team with Myers in the fold.

Final thoughts

Johnny Manziel needs to chill out with the partying and being a celebrity because I do not think the NCAA likes it, and once they start a probe, it usually ends with some sort of punishment. I also think the NFL won’t be thinking too highly of him next year when he leaves A&M.

Tiger Woods is amazing. He dominated this weekend. He is back physically. All he needs to do is put it together mentally for a major weekend. Next weekend… PGA Championship… Tiger gets 15.

Pumped for the NFL season. 31 days until Thursday Night Football with Ravens at Broncos.

Greg Danchik

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