Daily Dojo 8-8-2013

Finally, I’m back home after a long summer of research, and I am excited to get back to writing more consistently. I will be writing for this site, but I am also writing for RosterDoc.com and profootballnetworks.com. That is where a lot of my football and fantasy football content will be. On to the sports…

The NCAA rules might be really dumb, but Johnny Manziel is dumber. I will get into how I would change the NCAA rules, but lets look at how Manziel may have cost his team a bunch of victories and cost himself a year of eligibility in college football. First of all, if he wants to succeed in the NFL, he needs that year of eligibility. He just isn’t going to translate well to the NFL. Last year, a lot of his success came from broken down plays, like his huge play against Alabama that he lost control of the football and got control back and threw a touchdown. Right now, he just isn’t ready for the NFL defenses and playing in a pro-style offense.

Now, he is an idiot if these allegations are true. The video that has him signing autographs sounds pretty damning. Why would he be in a random hotel room signing helmets if he wasn’t getting paid? He wouldn’t be. He is dumb because the NCAA rules are pretty clear and, I’m paraphrasing here, say… DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING OR DO ANYTHING THAT USES YOUR LIKENESS TO MAKE MONEY! WE OWN YOU! Sorry, that last part probably isn’t in there. My point is Manziel has no power in the situation, he needs to follow the rules, or the NCAA is going to get him off the field.

The NCAA rules are pretty dumb too. They have all the power and actually lie about how they do not use their players likeness, but no one can force them to stop because they are the judge and jury of all things college athletics. I know for a fact that NCAA Football, the video game, actually uses characteristics that match the actual players on the field. One of the more egregious acts by the NCAA was used on the NCAA website for jersey sales. This is a tweet by Jay Bilas that just shows how bad it is.

If you want more examples, check out Bilas’ timeline. The NCAA is selling Johnny Football jerseys (which is definitely Johnny Manziel’s likeness), but he can’t make money on his own likeness. Its just ridiculous. Something needs to change because the NCAA is making money, but they don’t do much… they just make rules, and then give punishment without using the rules in place. But it doesn’t matter because they have too much power to be taken down or changed.

My favorite ridiculous, but kind of true, depiction of the NCAA comes from South Park.

On a total unrelated sports note, my friend A-Willy, formerly known as Aaron, has made a music video and its just something else… I suggest watching it.

Greg Danchik

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