Daily Dojo 8-9-2013

nfl-logoThe NFL Preseason has started! Football is back! And I don’t think it is super significant. It is significant for the player who are trying to make rosters as special teamers, but as a fan, I want to see the first team playing at all times. That is why I will care more once the third week of the preseason is starting. This is the week that you see who the starters are going to be, and where you will see if your fantasy football sleepers will be getting opportunities once the real games start. The injuries in the preseason are annoying, and every year, people clamor about how there has never been this many injuries. There are roughly the same amount each year, but we are a forgetful species so we just don’t remember. These next 4 weeks cannot go fast enough for me because I want to see the Ravens v. Broncos Thursday Night Football game. Then I won’t be able to get enough football, but until then, I only pay attention enough to succeed in fantasy football.

Tiger Woods (AP)

Tiger Woods (AP)

Tiger’s¬†poor first round in the PGA Championship has me losing hope in him. I am starting to believe that he can’t do it again. He definitely still has to skills to be an elite golfer. After all, he is the number 1 ranked golfer in the world. I just do not think he has the mental fortitude that he once had to lock down a major win. I think that the thought of him not catching Jack is getting to him. He is pressing because he knows that the chances of him winning 19, or 15 for that matter, are getting smaller and smaller. We’ll see if Tiger can succeed. I am not so sure, but I know I’ll be rooting for him in every tournament he plays from now until he calls it a career.

The Alex Rodriguez story continues. He is returning home to Yankee Stadium tonight for his first game since returning from injury. I have no idea if he will get booed or not. This whole situation is insane. I think there will definitely be a mix and I actually think the positive cheering will be drown out the ¬†booing. That is my personal opinion. However, there is a good chance there is a rainout tonight so this could be an interesting topic for tomorrow instead of today. I just can’t wait until A-Rod is out of baseball and gone for good.

Greg Danchik

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