Daily Dojo – More and More Injuries

There wasn’t a whole lot of news from yesterday. I would say Yu Darvish taking a no-no into the 8th is a big deal, but he was pitching against the team that may not be able to succeed in the minor leagues, the Houston Astros.

Jamaal Charles’ foot injury looks like it is not too severe. He has been walking around practice without a boot, but I would wait for an MRI result before I make any significant movement in fantasy football rankings. I would only drop him 1 spot in my rankings. That puts him behind Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, and CJ Spiller.

Yadier Molina put on catcher’s gear for the first time since being put on the DL. This is good news because he is arguably the best offensive catcher in baseball, which is great for your fantasy teams. It might actually be better for the Cardinals because he IS the best defensive catcher in baseball and makes that pitching staff so much better than it already is.

Finally, I got a tweet and a video that you need to see. The Tweet of the Day is about Matt Harvey. It looks like the Mets are going to shut him down at 200 innings. He is at 159.2 right now. If you have him in a head to head fantasy baseball league and you are competing for a title, you just got screwed. Exactly why I hate head to head fantasy baseball leagues. THEY ARE STUPID!


This video is pretty weird. This is mob boss, John Gotti, talking about steroids in sports in 1998, during the Mark McGwire v. Sammy Sosa Home Run Chase. It is pretty crazy that he was talking about this long before the mainstream media was. This is actual prison footage of Gotti talking to his grandson. You only need to watch about a minute to see what I am talking about

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