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These past couple of days I have done several mock drafts. I just completed one where I took notes on why I took each player and the situation I was in and what I was thinking. And here we go…

This was a Yahoo! fantasy football mock draft. It was non-PPR with 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 DEF with 6 bench spots. I went into the draft looking for RB/RB in the first two rounds because of the scarcity. I was drafting from the 5th spot in a 12 team league.

1: CJ Spiller – I was looking for one of my top five running backs of Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Jamaal Charles, Arian Foster and CJ Spiller. I am not too high on Foster that is why I have him at 4. He has averaged over 300 carries the past three years. That is a lot of tread on those tires and he was hurt a bit last year. I would just look somewhere else with the top 3 picks. I ended up with CJ Spiller. The four running backs I have rated ahead of him were gone. I love Spiller. I think he could end up as the number 1 fantasy performer by the end of the year. Doug Marrone wants to speed up the Bills offense and I think Spiller will be the main cog. I am pumped with this first pick even if there is a tad bit of bust potential.

2: Larry Fitzgerald – I wanted a running back here, but I did not like any of the running backs who were available. Maurice Jones-Drew was here and I like him this year as a 3rd rounder, but not late second. He was hurt last year and has been hitting up way too many all you can eat buffets. If Jimmy Graham was available, I would have taken him, but I took Larry Fitzgerald because I thought he was the best receiver available. He has the potential to perform as a top 5 receiver. I think Bruce Arians will look to get Fitzgerald the ball. Carson Palmer will be the first quarterback that can actually throw it to him since Kurt Warner. I think he could have a great year. Happy with him as a WR1.

3: Dwayne Bowe – I was down between Bowe or Reggie Bush. I decided to go with Bowe because I thought I could get a comparable running back in the next round. So, I took Bowe and I am very high on him this year. This will be the best quarterback that he has ever had. Andy Reid loves to throw the ball. Bowe will get a lot of targets from Alex Smith and I think he will get a lot of looks in the red zone. It’s basically Toni Moeaki and Dwayne Bowe in the red zone. I love him as a WR2 and could have a huge year. I will have a lot of Dwayne Bowe stock this year.

4: Montee Ball – I needed a running back here and I love getting Ball this late. Peyton Manning makes every running back look good. Knowshon Moreno looked good last year and he had been awful. Yes, he was a first round pick by the Broncos, but remember Tim Tebow was also a Broncos first round pick. They weren’t the best drafters before Elway joined the front office. Sorry for getting off track, I just can’t turn down a chance to remind the world how bad of an NFL quarterback Tim Tebow is. Ball will be the starter and with the majority of the carries for the Bronces, I believe he will be a good fantasy asset this year. Good RB2, not the best, but good.

Andrew Luck and Roger Goodell at 2012 NFL Draft

Andrew Luck and Roger Goodell at 2012 NFL Draft

5: Hakeem Nicks – I was really tempted to take Andrew Luck here. I love Luck this year like more than I love LeBron James and Mike Trout. Yes, I said it, but back to this pick. If Nicks is healthy, he is a stud wide receiver. With Victor Cruz on the other side, Nicks will not get many double teams because teams will need to be worried about both receivers and Rueben Randle is not someone who should be slept on. The Giants offense should have a bounce back year. Nicks as a WR3 is a huge value for me. I could have taken Torrey Smith, but I am trying not to draft Ravens because I don’t want my fandom to get in the way of my line up selection throughout the year. I do think he could have an amazing year, and he went the pick after me. (Side note: I do like the Ravens a lot this year, don’t sleep on them. I’ll preview them later in the summer). Now I have my starters for RB and WR in the first 5 rounds. That is my goal for every draft I do this year.

6: Andrew Luck – I was getting scared that I wasn’t going to get him, but I got heeeem! I already wrote about why I love him this year.

7: Eddie Lacy – I wanted a tight end here. I was looking at Vernon Davis, but he went 4 spots ahead of me and Dennis Pitta went 2 spots ahead of me. Lacy is a good back up with upside. I like to draft upside because being safe later in drafts does not lead to drafting break out players and winning championships. Lacy will be the best running back Aaron Rodgers has ever had. Johnathan Franklin will probably split carries with him, but if Lacy gets most of the carries, I like him a lot this year. He is a big back that will probably have a lot of goal line carries with a lot of touchdowns in a good offense. I think he is a good back up. Happy with it.

8: Shane Vereen – I LOVE this pick. Someone has to get the ball in that offense. He got 3 touchdowns against Houston in the playoffs with 124 total yards. Tom Brady will get his stats, which means he needs someone to throw to. He has Danny Amendola at wide receiver and that’s about it. Vereen could be the next guy before Gronk gets back, if he ever gets back. Someone has to get the ball; why not Vereen?

Bryce Brown

Bryce Brown

9: Bryce Brown – First of all, people started drafting defenses and this is dumb in my opinion, but to each his own. I wanted TY Hilton here. Andrew Luck could make him really valuable. I’ll have a lot of shares of Luck and Colts this year. Love them. However, Hilton was gone. I took Bryce Brown. The reason is simple. If Chip Kelly‘s offense is anything like it was at Oregon, the back-up running back will get his share of carries; and LeSean McCoy did get hurt last year so maybe he can’t stay healthy this year.

10: Zac Stacy – Rams’ running back situation is very much up in the air. Zac Stacy could emerge and have an Alfred Morris-esque year. That’s what I am hoping for here. I am continuing to draft high risk/reward players late and hoping at least one of them hits. Otherwise, I could just dump one of them for the breakout player that is still on the waiver wire because he will always be there.

11: Justin Blackmon – I had been eyeing up Brandon Myers for the past couple rounds. He ended up going right after my Zac Stacy pick and I was not happy about this. I realized I had not drafted a back up wide receiver at this point. I took Blackmon. I did this because he was drafted in the top ten last year in the NFL Draft. He has a lot of talent. He is falling because of his suspension. I already have my starters so I might as well take a shot that he is great once he returns because I do not need him the first four games anyway.

12: Vincent Brown – I was thinking about going tight end. Mid-draft, I checked to see if everyone had a tight end already. Everyone else had one so I decided to take a “post hype sleeper” for this year. This means that everyone was talking them up last year, and he fell flat on his face. This year, everyone has forgotten about him because of an injury or poor performance. With Brown, his broken leg kept him off the field last year. San Diego may not have a good offense, but Philip Rivers has to throw the ball to someone besides Antonio Gates. Why not Vincent Brown? Again, I just need one guy that I have drafted to hit it big and I am golden.

Jordan Cameron

Jordan Cameron

13: Jordan Cameron – So I need a tight end here. I was looking Jordan Cameron all the way after Brandon Myers. I have a couple of reasons for taking Cameron. 1. I think he had the most upside of all the tight ends left and if he busts, I’ll just play the match ups each week. 2. Antonio Gates thrived in a Norv Turner offense. I think Cameron is athletic enough to do this same. He ran a 4.59 at the NFL Combine in 2011 and had a vertical leap of 37.5 inches.  3. I trust Ron Jaworski’s evaluation of quarterbacks. He has said that Brandon Weeden has the ability to thrive in Norv Turner’s offense. I think these three factors make this a good pick and the last two give me a good chance to get a break out player at tight end.

14: Tamba Bay Buccaneers Defense/Special teams – Revis Island. Period. Also, they play the Jets Week 1 and I can just dump them after they dominate that awful offense if I want a different defense.

15: Sebastian Janikowski – Biggest leg in the league. period. Not best but biggest. And they are kickers… so useless. If he busts, I’ll just pick someone else up in free agency.

Overall, if this was a real league, I would love this draft and be very happy with this team. It is really early so values will continue to fluctuate as the season approaches. I wouldn’t suggest doing an actual draft now, but I am getting excited about fantasy football so I did a mock and decided to write it up. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. He’s six and Lynch is seven. Rice because of Bernard Pierce. Caldwell has said he is going to give Pierce the same amount of workload as he got in the playoffs. Lynch is at 7 because of the DUI hearing going on right now.

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