I’m Baaaaaacccckkkk

The Sports Dojo is Back!

Sort of…

It will be different than it used to be. Quite frankly, I should probably change the domain name. It will take a much different form going forward.

The last time I posted something was almost 6 years ago, so needless to say, I have changed a lot. I got married, my first child will be born in just over a month, and my opinions and views of the world have changed drastically.

I still love sports, but I won’t exclusively be writing about sports. I will be spending time writing about all of my interests. It will be whatever is on my mind for the day. This will now become a place for me to put my thoughts and opinions. It will include my thought processes for decisions I make in sports, health, cooking, investing, etc. I will likely get more out of this than anyone reading it. It will force me to be honest with myself and help me think through different decisions I make. Sometimes I will provide supporting evidence, and sometimes, I will just ramble on about what I think whether backed by data or not.  

Basically, I am going to be use this site to write down my rambling thoughts rather than fill my pregnant wife’s mind with my thoughts.

Anyway, here is the welcome back post. Look forward to the thoughts from my wandering mind. Now I am going to watch the PGA Championship and root for linebacker Bryson (holding a  33-1 ticket from February).

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