My Hall of Fame Ballot

With the Hall of Fame inductees being announced at 2 pm today, here is my Hall of Fame ballot with reasoning for each vote.

Craig Biggio

The biggest argument against Biggio is he never had a Hall of Fame season. I would agree with this statement, but Biggio’s overall career was great. He averaged 105 runs for twenty years… TWENTY! That is crazy. He also has a career bWAR (WAR as determined by of 64.9. Thats better than current Hall of Famers Andre Dawson (64.4), Willie McCovey (64.4), and Harmon Killebrew (60.4), among others. He also played catcher, outfield, and second base over the course of his career. Oh yeah, he also got 3,000 hits.

Jeff Bagwell

Jeff Bagwell (Photo Cred: Icon Sports Media)

Jeff Bagwell (Photo Cred: Icon Sports Media)

Among position players, he is 37th in career bWAR (79.5), and he managed to do that in just 15 seasons. He also has the 21st best career OPS of .948 to go along with 202 career stolen bases. He averaged 115 RBIs over his 15 seasons and had a career .408 OBP. I think that it would an embarrassment for the BBWAA to not elect him into the Hall of Fame because it doesn’t add up. Maybe, he was just that good, and he wasn’t appreciated fully because of his steroid competitors.

Mike Piazza

This is REALLY easy. He was the best offensive catcher of all time. He has 38 more homers than any catcher in the history of Major League Baseball. He had a career .308 batting average while taking a beating as a catcher. He has not been listed in any steroid report. It shocks me that he probably won’t get elected again.

Tim Raines

84.696% career stolen base percentage that led to 808 stolen bases. His 69.1 bWAR is 70th all time among position players. He wasn’t a power hitter, which is what everyone loves. However, he had a career .385 OBP over the course of 23 years, and averaged 102 runs over those seasons. He should get in.

Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux (Photo Cred: Brad Mangin/Sports Illustrated)

Greg Maddux (Photo Cred: Brad Mangin/Sports Illustrated)

He should be unanimous. I should have to explain why, but I will. First, his name is Greg, great name. He was one of the most efficient pitchers and did it all with great accuracy. He wasn’t a power pitcher, but he knew exactly where to pitch the ball and could put it there no problem. He was also willing to give up homers to set up hitters months in advance. Check out this story about Maddux. And this one. He was kinda accurate.

Tom Glavine

This guy is 28th all time in career bWAR among pitchers, 74. He pitched 22 years and accumulated a 3.54 ERA over that time and also had 305 wins. He had 2,607 strikeouts.

Frank Thomas

He will be the first 1st baseman and player to get into the Hall of Fame. He has 521 home runs and a career OPS that ranks 14th at .974. He also had a .300 batting average with 500 home runs, you want to know who else did that? Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Manny Ramirez, Jimmy Foxx, Ted Williams, and Mel Ott. That’s a nice list to be a part of.

Mike Mussina

He is 24th in career bWAR among pitchers at 82.7. He almost got 300 wins, 270. He almost got 3,000 K’s, 2,813. He pitched in the toughest division of his time in the AL East. He also pitched in some of the most hitter friendly park in the league throughout the entire league. He should get in before Jack Morris and if Jack Morris gets in, it will be an embarrassment. Then again, Mussina left the Orioles… so he still sucks.

Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens (Getty Images

Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens (Photo Cred: Getty Images)

Until someone decides that anyone who used steroids cannot be in the Hall of Fame and they remove them from the ballot, you have to vote for them. These guys both have an argument for being the greatest player of all time with their career statistics.

Barry Bonds is the career leader in home runs. He is also the ONLY person in the 500 home run, 500 stolen bases club, and the only person in the 400, 400 club of those same statistics. He is 2nd in career bWAR among position players at 162.5, only .7 behind Babe Ruth. I just can’t have him not on my Hall of Fame ballot. He was the greatest of his era.

Clemens is in the same boat. He is 3rd in career bWAR among pitchers at 139.4. 7 Cy Young Awards, 4,672 strikeouts, and a 3.12 ERA in an offensive era. It is really hard to argue against that career.

If I had to rank them, it would go like this…

  1. Barry Bonds
  2. Roger Clemens
  3. Greg Maddux
  4. Frank Thomas
  5. Mike Piazza
  6. Craig Biggio
  7. Jeff Bagwell
  8. Tim Raines
  9. Tom Glavine
  10. Mike Mussina

Greg Danchik

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