Ravens v. Broncos Review

Julius Thomas scoring one of his two touchdowns (Photo Cred: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Julius Thomas scoring one of his two touchdowns (Photo Cred: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

The Broncos DEMOLISHED the Ravens last night. Just flat out destroyed them. I just got some quick hits about the game.

  • Ravens should have cut Ed Dickson on the field. He is awful.
  • Michael Oher is probably a lot better than what people give him credit for. The Ravens lost all ability to hold of a rush or run the ball once he got hurt.
  • The Jacoby Jones injury might hurt because he suddenly is able to catch the football now, and the Ravens need a receiver.
  • Dennis Pitta was a much bigger loss than I thought it was going to be. Boldin not so much. If you watched Ravens regular season games last year, he did not look good. He just had a good 4 game stretch in the playoffs, but Pitta was good all season.
  • Ravens need to be able to run the ball better.
  • The Ravens could very easily start the season off 0-3. Browns are good. Call me crazy, but if Joe Flacco was the Browns quarterback, they would be a Super Bowl contender. Flacco > Weeden is the reason that the Ravens will be favored next week and they are the home team so they automatically get 3 points.
  • The Ravens’ safeties looked like they learned how to tackle from Ed Reed (that means they aren’t good at it… they just know how to hit people)
  • The defense is better than last year if last night has last year’s defense, Peyton could have broken the single game passing touchdown record by two touchdowns.
  • The Broncos are going to be REALLY good, but they won’t win the Super Bowl. Peyton won’t be able to play that good in the Super Bowl Sunday Blizzard. (Yes, it is going to happen)
  • The Broncos are great because Peyton is good and the supporting cast is unreal. The Broncos would be a playoff team with out Peyton.
  • Broncos front 7 without Von Miller was still really good. It’s gonna be scary when he gets back and is fresh.

 Greg Danchik

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