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Stephen Strasburg (

Stephen Strasburg (

Stephen Strasburg took a huge step forward this weekend with his compete game. He is widely considered one of the best young pitchers, if not one of the best pitchers, in baseball, and most people wouldn’t have been able to tell you that he had never thrown a complete game before. He was finally able to be efficient enough for the Nationals to let him go all the way. With only 99 pitches, he surrender 4 hits and a walk, but managed to strikeout 10 batters. That is just ridiculous. He has absolutely filthy stuff. I think that once the Nationals turn him loose, he is going to be an absolute monster. I’m excited to see how good he is going to be next year assuming his mechanics don’t put him on the DL too much.

Jack Clark’s accusation of Albert Pujols is really interesting. I am not so sure he used. His production has fallen off recently, but why would he stop when he went to the Angels? It was not like there was a new drug policy put in place that year. I think his production drop off is because he got old and the foot injury is just because he is old and old people get hurt. He may have used, but I have no idea why this is coming out now.

Mike Trout saying that PED users should get a lifetime ban is really interesting. That means he is proclaiming his innocence so if he gets caught, he will be crucified. If baseball gets any hint of it, I am sure they will attack him. For the record, I don’t know if he is using, but in this day and age, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Football is getting closer and closer, but the injuries just keep on coming. Here is my Tweet of the Day


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