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Greg to Joe

I know that we haven’t seen the Monday Night Football game, but I wanted to get your thoughts on Week 2 after some crazy games on Sunday. Let me digress for a second, I am going to finish second in fantasy football points again in our Yahoo league, and your brother is going to beat me, unless Dalton gets hurt. However, starting off 2-0 is always good. I also crushed Chris in our ESPN league because of RGIII and Garcon‘s garbage time. I also did fairly well in predictions this week. The Bills saved me in the end with a ridiculous comeback, and the Packers dominated as expected.

I do think Vegas gave gamblers two easy games this week with the lines of the Patriots and Seahawks games. A depleted Patriots team should not have been given 13 points against a good defense in crappy weather (I know the odds makers didn’t know this when making the line, but it helped making the decision of taking the Jets with the points). I personally thought the Seahawks line was low because that stadium is ridiculous. It was so loud yesterday that it even screwed up the Seahawks.

What’d you like about all the games yesterday? And how did you fantasy teams do?

Joe to Greg

Calvin Johnson reflecting off Patrick Peterson's face mask

Calvin Johnson reflecting off Patrick Peterson‘s face mask

Well, I’m looking like the 8th place team in our Yahoo league, my guys simply can’t perform or pump out crazy numbers. In ESPN, my team won handily with major help from Calvin Johnson, Julian Edelman, and Greg Olsen all scoring over 20 points. There were so many games that came down to the wire which drastically changed betting results at the end of the day. The Saints eeked out a win but couldn’t cover, Dallas lot but still managed to cover, Detroit shot itself in the foot when it was up 10 in the second half and of course, didn’t cover, and I agree the Patriots should not have been given 13 points. I was straight up impressed with the Seahawks last night.

Colin Kaepernick‘s stat line Week 1: (Home versus GB)

27/39, 412 Yards, 3 TD’s, 0 INTs, 22 Rushing Yards, 89.8 QBR, 129.4 RTG

-Colin Kaepernick’s stat line Week 2: (Away versus SEA)

13/28, 127 Yards, 0 TD’s, 3 INTs,  87 Rushing Yards, 14.0 OBR, 20.1 RTG

If that doesn’t tell you how dominant Seattle’s D was, I don’t know what does.

Also, congrats to EJ Manuel on his first NFL win. Much deserved for a great player and team in the Buffalo Bills. With two games under our belts, do you see any early trends to look for as the season carries on into Week 3?

Greg to Joe

Colin Kaepernick being tackled Week 2 versus Seattle (Photo Cred: Elaine Thompson/AP)

Colin Kaepernick being tackled Week 2 versus Seattle (Photo Cred: Elaine Thompson/AP)

Kaepernick just has this thing where he can’t beat Seattle. I think it is going to turn into the ManningBrady deal. Kaepernick is going to struggle against Seattle (especially in Seattle) for a majority of his career. He will then have his one breakthrough game when he knocks them out of the postseason and goes on the win the Superbowl. I think the Kaepernick-Wilson rivalry will be compared to the Manning-Brady rivalry very soon.

Seattle opened up as a 19.5 point favorite against the Jaguars. I would not touch this game, but I honestly think that they could win by over 20. Side note- Everyone who bet on the Bengals to win by 6.5 should thank Mike Tomlin and Todd Haley for poor offensive coaching as the game should have been much closer if the play calling had been better.

So are there any trends I see continuing… I see the Texans playing in a 3rd nail-biter to start the season as Ed Reed returns to Baltimore. I think the Redskins will keep losing because their defense is oh so bad and RGIII is playing on one leg. I also think that Ron Rivera is coaching his way to a firing. The Panthers are playing really bad right now and cannot close out games. If I am Rivera, I need to get my team back into form for the upcoming week because if they don’t look good, I might be at home watching games on TV on Sunday the 29th.

With three games that have double-digit point spreads (Jax@Sea, Ind@SF and Oak@Den), do you see any of the underdogs pulling out victories? I would assume that would be a bold prediction and if you don’t have an underdog winning one of those games, any bold predictions for this week?

Joe to Greg

I think you’re spot on with the QB rivalry comparison. Even better, they play at least twice a year unlike Manning and Brady who only had that occasion if they met in the playoffs. If any underdog can pull off a win between those three teams, I’d pick Indianapolis. Unfortunately I don’t think they’re going to win but it’s an interesting line. I wouldn’t say its like the Titans and Texans last week (which was +/-9), but the Titans are a tough out and ended up covering on the road. I think the Colts will be in a similar situation this week. Other than that, I like the Chargers +3 against the Titans but I don’t like the Chargers with the lead sometimes. Regardless, I think Philip Rivers is quietly having a good start to the season despite starting 1-1 (614 Yards, 7 TDs, 1 INT, 82.5 QBR, 115.8 RTG…yet he’s not even owned in more than 50% of fantasy leagues in ESPN). What is your game of the week to watch in Week 3?

Greg to Joe

He isn’t owned in many leagues because no one believes in his talent. His talent has diminished, and it is incredible that Mike McCoy has been able to get so much out of him this year. McCoy is on the precipice of being called an offensive genius considering the lack of talent in the Chargers offense and the amount of points they are scoring.

Game of the week for me would have to be Ed Reed returning to Baltimore. Houston and Baltimore have both been shaky to start the year so I really think this game is a toss up. I am hoping Reed doesn’t play because he improves the Texans secondary, but I do want to see how Flacco handles him. Since picking that as the game of the week may seem a tad bias, I would go with Atlanta at Miami. Miami is looking to start of the season 3-0 and gets to face a depleted Atlanta roster who lost their top linebackers along with Steven Jackson. Matt Ryan should have himself a day, but I just don’t know how the Falcons win this game with a one-dimensional offense.

Now for some big news… Trent Richardson has been traded to the Indianapolis Colts for a first round pick in 2014. I love this trade as a fantasy owner. He goes to a much better offense that is committed to the power running game to try and help their young star quarterback. Overall, it was a good move for the Colts. I do think that they gave up a little too much for Trent, but he should still be very valuable to them for years to come. The Browns also made out well because they now have the ammunition to trade up a couple of spots for the #1 pick in the NFL Draft (Yes, I am assuming they finish in the bottom 5 teams). They better hope that Teddy Bridgewater falls to them; otherwise, I believe they will continue to be in a constant rebuilding mode.

Thoughts on the trade, game of the week and another other Week 3 thoughts moving forward.

Joe to Greg

I was shocked by the Richardson trade honestly. I think it’s great from a fantasy perspective because now defenses have to respect Andrew Luck and Reggie Wayne, while worrying about Trent gashing through the lines. It will be interesting and makes it even more compelling to think about what would of happened had the Colts gone after RGIII. Like would the Colts have been better off with RGIII and Trent or Luck and Trent? Or would RGIII never have gotten hurt because he wasn’t playing on Washington’s horrific field? Man, I love the “what ifs” of draft day. I think the Browns continue their trend of rebuilding (obviously) but there doesn’t seem like many happy days coming up this season.

My game of the week is the Atlanta Falcons-Miami Dolphins game. The Dolphins could start the season 3-0 and send the Falcons into an early season 1-2 hole. Injuries have amounted for the Falcons, who lost Steven Jackson and Asante Samuel in last weeks game against the Rams. Combined with the already injured Roddy White, the Falcons are missing some key pieces.

Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace during training camp (Photo Cred: Joe Cavaretta / Sun Sentinel)

Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace during training camp (Photo Cred: Joe Cavaretta / Sun Sentinel)

On the flip side, I hate to admit that the Dolphins look somewhat competent. They are a team that as Ron Jaworski says, “Get better than the week before”. Mike Wallace had 1 catch for 15 yards in Week 1, yet in week two he caught 9 passes for 115 Yards and a TD. Lamar Miller rushed for 3 Yards on 10 attempts in Week 1, yet in week two he rushed for 69 yards on 14 attempts and added a TD. If I were to pick who would take out the Patriots in the coming years atop the division, it’s the Dolphins, followed closely by the Bills, followed by Bernard Pollard, and followed not so closely by the Jets (In that order). Week 3, I say RGIII goes 0-3 mainly because of the Redskins poor excuse for a pass defense. They’ve already managed to let up 1023 yards in two games and with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson coming to town for a visit, it could spell trouble.

Editor Note:

Check out the Game of the Week column posted on Friday by Joe and I again.

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