Why I Love Sports

This is a question I sometimes ask myself. Why do I love sports? I wonder that a lot. I question my love for sports when the Ravens blow leads, when my fantasy running back fails to put up 10 points to seal a victory for me, and when I have a losing day on DraftStreet.

This past Saturday was one of those days that reminds everyone why they love sports. Since Saturday, I have been taking a look back to see all of the other moments that give us that reminder.

It is the down right dirty plays that make our jaws drop in amazement. Some of them come from how much movement a human can put on a baseball over a 60 foot 6 inch span.

Some of them are the display of absolute athleticism

Some are the ones we can’t explain

It is the hilarious moments. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the field, on live TV, or in a commercial, they are still downright hilarious.

It is the close calls. While every close call has a winner and a loser, some come from the loser failing to convert with their final chance.

Others come from winners defying the odds…

This is in no way shape or form every awesome moment that happens in sports. These are the types of things that bring people to the television. These moments are why there are billions of dollars in the sports industry. These moments are why I started this site. While this site will probably never get famous, writing about these moments is the best part of my day every day that I get to do it. These moments are why I love sports.

Greg Danchik

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